Black & White Wedding Photography in Baltimore & DC
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Black & White Wedding Photography in Baltimore & DC

Colors that are present in the surroundings and clothing of a photo’s subjects can, at times, distract from the heart of what is most essential about the photographic moment: emotion. While all Amy Deputy Photography & Co. photographs are shot in color, some images may end up appearing stronger when converted to black and white by eliminating the distractions that color can create for the viewer’s eye.

In the above photograph, the key element is the emotion shown in the bride’s facial expression. As a viewer, one can clearly see what is important here: a touching private moment between a bride and the unseen words from her husband-to-be, written on the hand-held card. It is the expression of love with a promise of devotion that has brought tears to her eyes. If this photograph were shown in color, the viewer’s eye may go to the picture frames on the table or the patterns within the chair’s upholstery instead of lingering, as it should, where the real story lies. Thus, sometimes black and white wedding photography can pack a greater emotional punch than color ever could.

Location: Baltimore MD.