Decatur House Best Washington DC Wedding Reception Site
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Decatur House Best Washington DC Wedding Reception Site

Designed by preeminent Washington, DC architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe, the Decatur House was built in 1818 and has since enjoyed a storied history of entertaining. Today, this landmark residence is one of the very best Washington, DC wedding reception sites, also perfect for wedding ceremonies.

The stately details of the Carriage House and Entertaining Parlors make for the quintessential Washington, DC wedding venue, just one block away from The White House. Elegant and sophisticated, Decatur House is a stylish venue with beautifully historic details such as inlayed wood flooring, 19th Century chandeliers, and painted ceilings. The brick courtyard, lined with potted plants, manicured shrubs, and trees is ideal for an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception. Those looking for an urban oasis for a garden wedding, look no further!  

I would be thrilled to be your Decatur House Wedding photographer, a favorite venue especially for spring, summer, and early fall weddings.

Location: Decatur House on Lafayette Square: 1610 H St NW, Washington, DC 20006-4907.

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