Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photos
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Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photos

Tall, wispy grasses sway in the breeze. Rolling waters shimmer and glow in the setting sun. The curves, dips, and peaks of the Bay Bridge are a silhouette in the distance. The air here is magical, the setting a perfect serenity. 

With the feel of a private island, though just minutes from Annapolis, The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club is a little slice of heaven and one of my very favorite Maryland wedding venues. Photographs taken here are just stunning. From the beauty of the nature that surrounds to the charming and sophisticated selection of event spaces, the club is a wedding photographer's dream. 

Some of my very favorite shots are of couples strolling along the beach, kissed by the sun and the breeze. The calm blues of the bay and sky, fresh green of the grasses and trees and muted tones of the sand, rocks, and brush, form a lovely palette. At sunset, the colors take on a warmer hue and a new kind of romance. It is easy to feel the love here and get swept up in the spirit of each wonderful occasion.

Location: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club: 500 Marina Club Road, Stevensville, MD 21666.

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