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Best Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

The Deep Creek Lake region's North Glade Inn Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place for a barn wedding with views of the water, meadows, and mountainside. 

Dasha and Geet were married in two ceremonies on the farm surrounding the North Glade Inn. The first was a Sikh ceremony held in the barn, colorfully decorated with swaths of vibrant fabric and strings of bright flowers and twinkling lights. The couple then took their vows in a second outdoor wedding ceremony by the pond, surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

The picturesque outdoors and rustic romance of the barn provided a wonderful backdrop for spectacular wedding photos. The festive decor, pictured above, created a glowing ambiance for some really great nighttime wedding photography, as well. The North Glade Inn is one of the very best places for a Deep Creek Lake wedding weekend and I was honored to be the photographer for this lovely celebration in such a beautiful location. 

Location: North Glade Inn: 184 N Glade Rd, Swanton, MD 21561.

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