Top Wedding & Reception Venues in Baltimore
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Top Wedding & Reception Venues in Baltimore

Featuring an eclectic array of work by self-taught artists, The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) is a wedding venue like no other. Baltimore brides and grooms looking for an unconventional ceremony location will find just that at AVAM, one of my top wedding and reception venues in Baltimore. 

Located at the base of Baltimore’s Federal Hill and along the Inner Harbor, The American Visionary Art Museum is perfectly situated for a variety of photoshoot ideas, both inside and outdoors. The waterfront and top of Federal Hill offer views of the harbor and Baltimore skyline while the museum itself provides a spectacular backdrop for photos. Vows may be made next to a towering, fluffy pink poodle (AVAM’s mascot and frequent entry in the museum’s annual Kinetic Sculpture Race); a rotating statue of Divine, star of John Waters film fame; and underneath a patchwork hot air balloon emblazoned with the word “LOVE.”

Covered in thousands of pieces of recycled mirror, glass, and china, AVAM’s exterior creates an innovative and enchanting atmosphere for wedding portraits, as does the green urban oasis of the Wildflower Garden. The Sculpture Barn, JRVC Building with its Bird's Nest, and main staircase inside the museum (pictured above), are also lovely spots for wedding photos.

Location: American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM): 800 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230.

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