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Same Sex Wedding Photographer in Maryland & Delaware

In 2012 Maryland’s General Assembly passed a law making same sex marriage legal and, approved by voters the same year, that law took effect in January of 2013. Later that same year, Delaware followed suit. Thanks to a 2015 Supreme Court ruling, gay marriage is now legal throughout the U.S.

While advocates have long fought for the rights of same sex couples to marry, one will find that not much has changed in terms of the ceremonies themselves. Just as hetero couples have celebrated for centuries, same sex couples have ceremonies that are both traditional and unconventional. Nuptials may be small and intimate or grand events. In short, all wedding ceremonies are varied; they are reflections of each couple.

Like many weddings, Lisa and Ruth’s Rehoboth Beach wedding weekend was a loving, fun-filled gathering of family and friends. When you get family together, there will be laughs, tears, and sometimes there will be a bit of complaining. This little one, pictured above, was getting impatient during the family portraits. While he may have been ready to move on to dinner and dessert, this brief expression of exasperation made for a hilarious photograph.

Location: The Milton Theatre: 110 Union St, Milton, DE 19968.

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