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Family Photography in Baltimore, Maryland & DC

Photographs of your family should reflect who you are; show your whole story. This can mean capturing tender moments, such as a mother holding a newborn snug in her arms or the gaze between a couple deeply in love. But showing the whole story can also include moments like the image above. There is tenderness here, mixed with what may be a little bit of confusion, agitation, and perhaps a dash of chaos?

There is humor in this photograph, shot at a family home in Chevy Chase, Maryland. It feels so real, because it is! Sometimes it can be difficult to get children to sit still and smile — and that’s ok! While you may seek images that show a family group together and smiling, unposed photographs may end up becoming the true favorites. They are reminders of everything that makes your family a unique set of characters.

Location: Chevy Chase, MD.

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