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Best Baltimore Family Portrait Photographer

The very best family and newborn portraits are little glimpses of our most true selves, like this joyful and tender embrace shot at a family gathering in Reisterstown, Maryland, just outside Baltimore city.

The way this photo is framed —closely cropped — highlights the two faces as the main points of focus. The tilt of the black hat and the curve of the arm draw one’s gaze around and into the center, to the facial expressions.

This photograph could be said to be a study in contrasts: black and white, older adult and young child, bristly beard and newborn peach fuzz. Yes, there are those wonderful contrasts. But looking closer, at man and babe, you can see the same curve of the smile and amusement in the eyes; the stuff that unites us is right there, as well. And the bubbles on the baby’s lips! So precious.

Location: Reisterstown MD.

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