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Baltimore's Best Family Portrait Photographer

What makes the best family portrait photography? Authenticity mixed with a little bit of magic.

Getting to know the families being photographed is a first step a photographer can take to making sure the resulting portraits feel real and true. While a quiet family’s photographs produce feelings of peaceful warmth, a boisterous family may bring about images full of vibrant energy. The array of results are all reflections of each group of individuals, how they interact, and the bond they have with each other.

The magic part is a bit more of an adventure, but the best family portrait photographers know that it’s all about the right setting, patience, and anticipation. The image above features a gorgeous natural backdrop and a family that was so tender and comfortable with one another. As the afternoon unfolded, we shot many lovely photographic portraits. But this one is special.

The above image shows a little moment of stillness, between the parents and child, mixed with a bunch of action from the family dogs. It took some patience and waiting for the dogs to line up just right, but when they did the result was something truly extraordinary.

Location: Gibson Island, MD.

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