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The Elm Wedding Photography, Baltimore

Fittingly located in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood, The Elm is a renovated pre-Civil War carriage house decorated with an eclectic mix of modern and vintage decor. The atmosphere is relaxed and cozy. Its light-filled rooms offer the perfect setting for romantic, serene wedding photography, such as the shot of the bride pictured above. Radiant, natural light is streaming in ever so gently from the windows, kissing her veil, then her face. She is luminous; she is aglow. This kind of light is a photographer’s dream.

In addition to the ambient light within The Elm, the surrounding gardens offer a lovely location for spectacular, naturally lit wedding photographs. Wedding ceremonies and portrait sessions are particularly enchanting in the spring and summertime, while the gardens are all abloom with an array of flowers and plants surrounded by a canopy of oaks, maples, and other hardwood trees.

Location: The Elm: 3100 Elm Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21211.

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