Amy Deputy Photography among Top Ten Wedding Photographers ~ American PHOTO


I am humbled and grateful, and too somewhat flabbergasted, to be chosen as one of the
2009 Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the United States by American PHOTO magazine kindertheaterstücke kostenlos downloaden.
When I received the notification email from the magazine, I replied with one sentence: “Are you kidding me?”
I contacted my wedding photo buddies, many who are on the previous year’s American PHOTO list
and many who will be, asking if the email was an improved version of a clever online prank teamviewer ältere version downloaden.
I was  assured the email was accurate. They offered their congratulations.
It’s official now. Online faster with the ps4. A magazine article en route.
The only studio south of New York City, north of Atlanta and east of Dallas represented.
The wedding photo community a twitter outlook voor windows 10 downloaden. And I’m feeling quite shy.
Ahhh…such are my paradoxes in receiving this designation. Questions hound me photoshop effekte herunterladen.
Why does human nature adore the art of nebulous comparison?
How can creative pursuits be empirically judged as better than others’ endeavors https // herunterladen?
I am honored and too, wrestling with my skeptical nature of accepting non-objective truth.
I called a friend to chat google drive musik herunterladen. For perspective, he offered a quote by 19th century newspaper editor Horace Greeley:
“Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings pinterest foto herunterladen. Only one thing endures and that is character.”
Yesterday I went to a family dinner. I took a fruit salad happymod herunterladen kostenlos.
I made pictures of colored eggs tattooed by my son’s fingerprints, the people I love and gold-kissed daffodils.
My questions faded. Sweet clarity returned word proofing tools.
I am deeply thankful to the couples whose weddings I have photographed,
to the 2009 American Photo nomination committee and to harbingers of spring.
I offer my congratulations to my fellow wedding photographers who were selected:


Brett Butterstein
Del Sol Photography
Brian Dorsey
F8 Studio
Ann Hamilton
Anna Kuperberg
Jasmine Star
Heather Waraksa




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