The St. Vincent’s Center ~ NACE volunteers making a difference


Neon cotton candy coated little lips. Hundreds of smiles and the latest dance moves decorated the gym can beed from spotify music. For 10 years members of the Baltimore National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) have brought ketchup and snowballs, bubbles and brownies to the St herunterladen. Vincent’s Center in Timonium, MD. This year was no different as 45 NACE volunteers hosted 70 children and 30 staff for the summer picnic. St. Vincent’s Center offers residential treatment services for neglected and abused children as well as local and national child abuse prevention services download screen time.
Faces were transformed with paint. Fingernails were buffed and polished. “It is one afternoon where they can just be kids having fun in the summertime, no pressure, no lessons.  It is amazing to watch them all dancing as if they did not have a care in the world,” said Dulany Noble, event organizer and Baltimore NACE Community Service Chair herunterladen.
And the volunteers…they danced too. For information about service opportunities at  St christliche lieder kostenlosen. Vincent’s Center contact Ellen Torres at 410-252-4000 x1629.
Volunteers from left to right: Team Snowball, employees of Gala Cloths, Bow Tie Bob, Alicia Karoll, president of Baltimore NACE and rental coordinator at AVAM, Daniel and Buster Raffell of A La Carte Maryland, Arthur Remanjon of Arthur Remanjon Photographers with Jerry Edwards of Chef’s Expresions and Team Kitchen, Ellene Pomerantz of Write Style, Leo Herbert of DePalo & Sons, Alicia Karoll of AVAM, Michelle Hall of American Furniture Rental, a representative of Carroll Manor, Julie Brown-Edwards of Tremont Suite Hotels, Loren Lippman of Party Rental Ltd kostenlos herunterladen. and Casey Riley of Marriott Waterfront Hotel herunterladen.


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