I am feeling particularly nostalgic this evening…
Maybe it’s the snow and the soft cloudy days nestling me…
Maybe it’s my delayed reaction to a new year, a chance to trace my time and reorient my compass…
Maybe I’m savoring a sense of completion…
Maybe and most likely, I’m simply grateful free movies handy.


I hear my husband and my son bantering in the next room, snippets of laughter and
ever~so~earnest questions waft like the chocolate chip cookies I baked herunterladen.
Homework is done. Folded laundry rests. Neat white reminder bundles stack on the stairs.
And the slideshow below…it rests, at home on this journal, complete fotoprogramm picasa download kostenlos.


Shadow and Grace chronicles 22 years of my photography.
It starts with the first worth~a~darn photograph I made as a student in Kentucky microsoft teams german free.
It ends exactly this time last year after my husband received his new kidney.
What you might want to know before viewing this lengthy piece it this…some find the content challenging office 2016 kostenlos chip.
I offer a very personal no~holds~barred collection of photographs.
I trace time by revisiting my years at newspapers, my challenges of coping with my now
14-year-old son’s Cowden Syndrome, my husband’s Polycystic Kidney Disease and running a small business uni osnabrück bücher herunterladen.
Some folks have asked how I photographed my family, particularly my son’s early years.
My answer? I knew then and know now, one day these images would be needed for him to trace his time vtech magibook audiodateien herunterladen.


What I see now, a year later, are beautiful laundry piles on the same steps lulled by the gentle snores of my family video from messenger.


Love ~ Amy


{ music: courtesy of Triple Scoop Music }