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I am always excited to photograph weddings in Annapolis. This sailing and boating capital of Maryland has many fantastic places to get your wedding photographs taken, from historic downtown Annapolis to picturesque spots along the Chesapeake Bay. But there are other, more unexpected places that also make for creative wedding photos.

The above wedding portrait of a bride and groom mixes the playful with the avant-garde, the bold with the serene. This, too, is Annapolis! It is a city with a full range of beauty and charm, from the quaint to the dramatic.

Here, on this blue sky day of radiant sunshine and fluffy whip cream clouds, these lovebirds float on shining green grass as if they are perched on top of the world (a sentiment true to many on their wedding day). I love the drama in this shot, achieved through its point of view as well as its contrasts of light to dark and small to large. The pleasant, bucolic setting is slightly offset by the towering, ivy-covered homestead at the right of the frame. The structure, though mysteriously shadowed and imposing in size, has a quiet hush to it, a tranquility reflecting the private moment shared by bride and groom as they meet along the horizon.

This is an unconventional wedding portrait and a very romantic shot. I imagine the two figures are swept up in an epic, enchanting dream.

Location: Annapolis MD.

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