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Pregnancy is a beautifully transformative time in a woman’s life. While motherhood is often focused on giving — giving life, love, and attention to one’s children once they are born — maternity is the perfect time to focus on a mother-to-be.

Maternity portraits celebrate women during this brief yet incredibly special moment and commemorate the wholeness of a woman’s journey. Each pregnancy photo session is a time to take pause and honor one’s growing joy. Later, these photographs become a first glimpse of a child’s presence within a family; the beginning of a family story.

The cityscapes of Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC, as well as the country and seaside locales surrounding these urban centers offer a variety of settings for amazing maternity photos. From backyards to local parks or right at home, the possibilities are endless for creating lasting memories for oneself and the whole family.

Location: Monkton MD.